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Dennis McKenzie
What the Papers Say!

Daily Express
Dec 2003

DISTRAUGHT Kevin Wells has told how he learnt of his daughter Holly's murder from a clairvoyant just two days after she disappeared with her friend Jessica Chapman. The desperate father said he turned to psychic Dennis McKenzie after the police kept him in the dark during the early days of their search for the 10-year-olds.

Mr McKenzie, gave the frustrated father a chillingly accurate account of what had happened to Holly and Jessica. Not only was he able to tell them the girls were dead but he described one male and one female suspect who bore a striking resemblance to murderer Ian Huntley and his girlfriend Maxine Carr. He also told businessman Mr Wells, 40, and wife Nicola, 36, he could see a red car similar to Huntley's Ford Fiesta, used to move the bodies to dump in a ditch.

Mr Wells said: "Mr McKenzie offered details he could not have known, such as the name of her favourite shop in Cambridge and the nickname she alone had for her brother: 'Olls'. We passed the details to the police but they were treated coolly.

After they contacted Cambridge-based Mr McKenzie on the recommendation of a friend, he asked if they wanted the whole truth. When they said they did, he told them: "I'm so sorry but both girls are dead." He spoke of a young man with dark, cropped hair and a woman with "mouse-like" features. He also mentioned an older man: Huntley's father Kevin, in whose house the killer was arrested.

In a second meeting, Mr McKenzie said the girls were victims of "anger" rather than sex and that they had died before 8pm on Sunday, August 4, last year - the night they disappeared. "This was, of course, several months before Huntley admitted that for the first time in the witness box, " he said.

Holly & Jessica
Dec 2003


Holly WellsA PSYCHIC told the parents of Soham schoolgirl Holly Wells that their daughter and her friend Jessica Chapman were dead two days after they went missing.

Clairvoyant Dennis McKenzie was consulted by Kevin and Nicola Wells out of frustration at the police investigation. Even though both parents considered themselves sceptics, they went on a friend's suggestion.

They were told: 'I'm so sorry. But both girls are dead.' Mr McKenzie went on to describe the cuplrits, speaking of a man with dark, cropped hair and a woman with 'mouse-like' features. He also spoke of a small, red car.

It proved a chillingly accurate description of Ian Huntley, who killed the girls within minutes of meeting them on the day they disappeared, and his girlfriend Maxine Carr. The car could have been Huntley's red Fiesta in which he took their bodies to be dumped in a ditch.

  The Peolpe
Dec 2003

THE parents of Holly Wells broke their silence last night to vent their hatred for her killer Ian Huntley. Shattered Kevin and Nicola Wells, who have just one lock of Holly's hair to remember her by after Huntley destroyed her body, believe she had to watch her friend Jessica Chapman die before she was killed herself.

He said: "Even after she was dead he desecrated her by burning her body, leaving us with no face to stroke and no hand to hold."

The couple, also told of their:
-DISAGREEMENTS over the death penalty - Nicola believes Huntley should die while Christian Kevin is opposed.
-ANGER at police who treated them as suspects and put Health and Safety procedures above the search for the missing girls.
- FEAR as a medium gave them accurate descriptions of killer Huntley, his girlfriend Maxine Carr and the car used to dispose of their bodies.

Kevin, 40, told how he became so destroyed by the lack of progress of the search for his daughter that he lay exhausted on her quilt and sobbed so intensely he could scarcely breathe.

Then his tears turned to rage at her abductor. He said: "My anger moved to hitting and punching Holly's quilt. How could any bastard hurt her?"

Despite that, he remains opposed to the death penalty for his little girl's killer, having turned to the Church for support since her death. He admits he begrudges him "every breath he breathes" - but fears hanging him would change nothing. Nicola, 36, however wants Huntley dead as a "just" punishment.

In an astonishing broadside at the police, the Wells' claim that when hundreds of people turned up to help search for the girls, police chiefs were more concerned with Health and Safety regulations about crowd sizes, than getting the search under way.

Kevin said: "It almost beggared belief. Two girls were missing and concern was focused on how to protect the force in case any searchers injured themselves."

They felt like criminals when officers subjected their house to a painstaking search and told them to look at their friends for a possible abductor.

Nicola was also repeatedly asked if there was any reason Holly would feel frightened to come home. The Wells' damning criticism will be a massive blow to the police who until now have enjoyed the couple's total support.

The couple went to a clairvoyant in desperation at the slowness of the hunt. The medium, Cambridge-based Dennis McKenzie, described a young man with cropped hair, a woman with mouse-like features and a small red car. They believe the descriptions were of Huntley, Carr and the red Fiesta he used to dispose of their bodies. He also told the parents the news they dreaded, that both girls were dead.

The couple also told how celebrities had helped them cope. England football captain David Beckham gave their surviving son Oliver a pair of his boots while Prince Charles invited both the Wells and Chapman families to tea.