Dennis McKenzie Biography

Dennis McKenzie is a 'down to earth' guy, his humour and honesty, along with his caring and compassionate attitude, comes across strongly in his work. His accuracy astounds people and he leaves people with little doubt that he has a unique ability. His incredible clairvoyance and psychic gifts are a full time job for Dennis who, purely through word of mouth is a full time Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium & Healer.


A Reading with Dennis McKenzie is a unique experience, starting with a numerology reading (based on your full name and date of birth) that allows incite into the real you. Then linking with his guide, he gathers information from loved ones, who have passed over, giving you guidance for the present and future. The psychic reading is summarised by reading the tarot cards. Each pyshic reading is individual and unpredictable and you may not always hear what you expect to hear!


Dennis McKenzie is able to use his skills to help with problems such as smoking and phobias. He also uses hypnotherapy for past life regression, proving beyond all doubts the existence of reincarnation.


Over the last few years, Dennis McKenzie has developed his ability as a healer. He can relieve pain and suffering and in many cases can bring about cures from difficult health issues. Dennis allows the spiritual healing energy to flow through himself into the patient to rejuvenate and cure the body, mind and soul from any troublesome ailments.